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Crash Course on Pressure Cookers!

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A pressure cooker is one of the most practical cooking devices you can have in your kitchen, simply because it can save you an incredible amount of cooking time.

Yes, the days of the explosion-prone pressure cookers are gone. Now they are safer than ever. With so many brands to choose from, do you know which one will fit your needs? Consider the factors below when shopping for a pressure cooker.

  • Stove top or Electric?
  • Material
  • Safety Features
  • Quick Release Option
  • Size

Bigger is not always better. The size of your pressure cooker should depend on the amount of food you prepare on a daily basis.

A 2 or 4-quart pressure cooker is good enough for small to medium families.

For a large family, 6 quarts is ideal.

Keep in mind that the bigger your pressure cooker is, the more time it is going to take to heat up. Another consideration for large pressure cookers is that they are a little tricky to wash and store.