WMF Hood Pot With Pressure Safe Slow Electric 8 On 1-202.9oz Steel INOX Rice Mop

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WMF Hood Pot With Pressure Safe Slow Electric 8 On 1-202.9oz Steel INOX Rice Mop

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WMF Hood Pot With Pressure Safe Slow Electric 8 On 1-202.9oz Steel INOX Rice Mop

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The elegant WMF Lono 8-in-1 multicooker with a high-quality Cromargan shell is one for all kinds of people, the whole family and practically any application. And so the multi-talent facilitates and speeds up daily kitchen tasks in almost any home: with a power of 1100 W, a maximum capacity of 6 liters and 8 preset programs for fast cooking, soft and steam cooking, steaming, warming, sauteing, fry and even to prepare rice and legumes. The safety and pressure limiting valve and a special gasket guarantee maximum safety, while the WMF Easy handle with an intuitive rotary knob allows for easy handling. In addition, it has a practical 6-hour keep-warm function and allows you to cook up to twelve hours on delay. Since it was founded in 1853, WMF has been designing cookware and housewares of the.

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Purchasing A New Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker has been a popular kitchen accessory that almost every home has. You can’t deny the truth that it makes cooking more convenient. The pressure cooker offers the advantage of cooking your food at a faster pace since the high temperature is trapped inside the pot.

If you are making use of your mother’s or worse your grandmother’s hand me down pressure cooker, don’t you think it is about time you purchase a brand new one you pick one with a quick release option as it takes less time for you to lower down the temperature and release the pressure. Other styles even have a detachable pressure regulator.

So once you have decided on your pressure cooker and have now bought it, its important that you handle it properly such that it may be useful for you for several years into the future|for many years to come}. The thing that is first you ought to do is to read the user’s manual and be familiar with how to use it. After every use, thoroughly wash it. It's always best to store it with the lid separated in order to avoid trapping the smell in the pot and ready for your next use.

When employing a pressure cooker to cook your dishes, it will be considerably better to cut the food into uniform sizes for even cooking. It might help {if you would cut those types of food that would cook longer into small pieces while those that would prepare at a shorter amount of time in much larger pieces so that they cook at the same time.


Pressure cookers have features characteristic of their groups. Rice cookers have actually solitary inside containers while normal cookers comes with multi deck containers. Another identifying function of rice cookers is reasonably thinner construction.

Cookers provide pressurized cooking which helps cook 30-50% faster. Cooking under sealed condition, as dictated by high pressures, has twin advantages. One: Faster cooking saves energy and time; two: stops loss in nutrients.


Pressure cookers develop as much as 10ksc of force in fast time. This asks for fail proof safety features. A release valve lifts down just before the limit pressure is reached managing the inside pressure. The gasket into the lid expands and comes out of a recess in the lid when the launch valve fails to run or reduce force even after operating. Of course, the gasket needs to be replaced later. Another crucial security feature is the blow off safety valve. This operates only if both the above fail. This is directly fitted to the lid and it is made of a unique alloy of aluminum which melts exactly at the threshold force.

The body is made of extra aluminum that is strong of around 5mm. The bottom is 10mm thick in a few models. The lids are designed to fit either from inside or outside dependent on the style. The mouth better under pressure inside lids are safer than the other design as their entire rim grips. The variety that is electric have thermostats which switch off at a particular heat preventing higher pressure buildup.

Buying good and reliable pressure cooker definitely offers its advantages of easy cooking in your kitchen.

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